Scope of Practice

All CCN members can operate within the following parameters.

  1. Educate the public about the most appropriate nutritional plan of action, prior to that plan’s implementation
  2. Deliver nutritional advice within their area of expertise, as determined by their schooling and continuing education
  3. Be transparent regarding all nutritional advice that is lacking substantial scientific research
  4. Only advise, not prescribe
  5. Only use the CCN affiliation when providing nutritional advice that is aimed at improving the public’s overall health, not hindering it or putting it at risk
  6. Maintain their clients’ privacy
  7. Provide nutritional services without judgement or discrimination

All CCN members are strongly encouraged to utilize the Nutritional Advice Eligibility Questionnaire with their clients prior to providing advice.

All CCN members that operate outside of the above Scope of Practice must withdraw their membership from CCN immediately.

If you, as a member of the general public, come across a CCN member who is operating outside of the above Scope of Practice, please report this member by contacting us.